Getting Ready for your Pitch?????

Getting ready for Start Up Weekend, Some FAQ to all our participants.

What types of ideas should I be ready to pitch?

Most of the ideas are web-based or mobile applications. Generally, ideas which involve creating a physical product do not work well because you need something to present to the panel on Sunday. If you have any idea at all, we encourage you to pitch it!

How do I pitch my idea?

The pitches on Friday night will be very informal (no PowerPoint allowed) and you will be allotted 60 seconds to explain your idea.

Should I be worried about my idea getting stolen?

Startup Weekend pitches are done in an open forum and no non-disclosures will be signed. If you are really concerned about your idea being stolen, by all means keep it private. But remember, it’s rarely the idea that is the winner but the people and the execution behind it.

Does Startup Weekend have any ownership rights to ideas or products conceived at the event?

Absolutely not. Startup Weekend is a non-profit organization and any ownership rights are completely up to the teams and participants. We don’t recommend worrying too much about this during the event – there will be lots of time for that when you take your startup to the next level. It’s imperative that everyone is open during the event. If you have an idea that you’ve already been working on and want to move it forward over the weekend, make sure your intentions are clear. Don’t come to the event to get free work done on your pre-existing startup. That’s not the spirit of the event.

How do we form the teams?

We allow the teams to form themselves. Once the pitches are done we allow everyone to gravitate to the idea they would like to pursue for the weekend. Generally teams of approximately 3-6 members work best. Feel free to get your friends and colleagues together to put some pieces of the team together in advance, but don’t shy away from adding new people who you meet for the first time. Remember that part of the value is in the startup/founder dating component of Startup Weekend.

How will I know what someone else’s specialty is?

This is where the networking aspect of the event comes in. To put a good team together, you need to walk around and talk to people. We will use color coded name tags to delineate between Developers, Designers, Non-Technical Professional (Business People) but you need to talk to people to find out what they can offer.

What time should I get there on Friday?

Try to arrive at 5:30pm so you have a chance to eat and network with other attendees. We have a lot to do on Friday night so need to get things moving and get you all working!

Do I need to bring a computer?

Yes bring your computer – laptops are preferred of course but whatever you need to get the job done.

Anything else I should bring?

Business cards, and if you have an extra extension cord and/or power strip please bring it. Also, bring a great attitude and a lot of energy.

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